Car Park Officer

  1. The co-op shall elect a Car Park Officer at the AGM. Their responsibilities shall include ensuring that:
    • All cars belonging to members are issued with a Car Park permit.
    • The car park is kept tidy.
    • Notices are served on abandoned vehicles and that they are removed once the notice has expired.

Car Park permits

  1. All car owners in the co-op shall have the right to park one vehicle in the car park and shall be issued with permits for them.

Abandoned vehicles

  1. If the Car Park Officer believes a vehicle to be abandoned, they shall serve a notice upon it, stuck onto the windscreen. If after the expiry of the notice, which shall be not less than 21 days, the vehicle has not been claimed, the co-op shall treat it as abandoned and it can be sold for scrap.

Business activities

    The car park shall not be used for private business activities by members, expect for the purpose of parking cars owned by the member or the company which employs them. Business activities shall include running stalls, repairing cars or bikes, etc.