1. The ASH Co-op mailing list is an email based discussion group where members can exchange information and ideas for the benefit of ASH Co-op. Meeting agendas and minutes are also posted to this list.
  2. The homepage for the list can be found here : https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/ashcoop-discuss.
  3. It is the responsibility of the list administrators to ensure that it is up to date and a record of the current members is maintained in the Tech folder in the office computer file system. This record and a HOWTO for its maintenance are located at C:\ASH Coop\Working Groups\Tech\email_lists.
  4. New members are signed to the list automatically but have the right to opt out if they so wish. Subscription to the list currently represents around 80% of Ash Coop membership.
  5. To ensure that the list remains an agreeable and cooperative experience for all, members are asked to respect the following guidelines.
    • No personal attacks, ever!
    • Be nice and respectful to mailing list users. Courtesy never hurts, and sometimes helps. and please DO NOT SHOUT
    • Assume good faith and intentions in other peoples’ statements and actions.
    • If you can say the same thing in fewer words, please do so.
    • Use good subject lines that reflect the content of the message. If a topic begins to tangent, rephrase the subject line appropriately.
    • When replying to a message, include enough original material to be understood but no more. Long emails of quoted content are frustrating.
    • When replying to a message, stay on topic. If your post is not related, start a new topic.
  6. Violation of these guidelines where attacks on other members are concerned may result in sanctions against the perpetrator. The individual will be contacted by an administrator of the list and reminded of this policy. Subsequent violations will result in actions which may take the form of moderated posting or removal from the list altogether.
  7. Note: Providing that ashcoop-discuss@googlegroups.com remains the principle addressee and the message subject remains unchanged, you can safely remove recipient addresses from mail thread and should consider doing so to avoid clutter.
  8. Alternatively, to carry out a private discussion on the same subject you can remove unwanted recipients including ashcoop-discuss@googlegroups.com, ensuring the message subject remains unchanged, and should consider doing so in the interests of discretion.