1. ASH Co-op is committed to playing an active role in promoting equality and challenging discrimination. We will work with partners,\nwhere necessary, to ensure people are treated fairly and equally. We will seek to promote an atmosphere of tolerance and respect\nin our workplace and our community.

Types of Discrimination

  1. ASH Co-op believes that everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect. With reference to the Equality Act 2010,\nASH Co-op seeks to oppose all forms of discrimination and unfair treatment related to the nine protected characteristics
    • Age
    • Race
    • Sex
    • Sexual Orientation
    • Marriage and Civil Partnership
    • Pregnancy and Maternity
    • Gender Reassignment
    • Religion & non-religion
    • Disability
  2. This applies to everyone at ASH Co-op, including members, visitors and people working on site, so everyone has the right to not be\ndiscriminated against. Any discrimination should be reported to the office and will be dealt with in line with our Equality & Diversity Policy.


  1. We declare that we will not discriminate against anyone whilst working on site.
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