1. This is a shared agreement for the Workshop which allows sets out expectations and expected behaviour for members wishing to access and use the space.
    • To keep the workshop free of rubbish the Workshop group will create and maintain a list of items that may remain in the space.
    • All projects left in the workshop (for gluing, drying, setting etc) would need to be added to a white board with a name, house and date of completion. After this, items may be removed.
    • The workshop is kept locked, keys are made available to members wanting to use the space once they have signed an agreement to adhere to these rules and also a liability waiver.
    • Leave the workshop as you hope to find it. Clear workbenches, clear wood shavings and remove scraps.
    • Workshop is for working, it is not a shed. Don’t store items that are not related.
    • Do not use tools or items you are unfamiliar with, if you are unsure how to operate something safely. The workshop is used at your own risk.
    • The coop can provide tools and improvements to the space, the space will be co-ordinated by Workshop co-ordinators, and tool spending will draw from the Co-ops tools budget.