• Introduction
  • Principles
  • Monitoring and Recording of Employees
  • Conduct towards staff and in Office
  • Administration Of This Policy
  • Introduction

    1. At ASH Co-op we are committed to working cooperatively with our paid staff wherever possible, ensuring that they have a safe and comfortable place of work. ASH Co-op will work with ASH Co-op members, contractors and members of the public to ensure this. We will not accept violence, aggressive behaviour, harassment or otherwise abusive behaviour towards either our employees or any other individual in the presence of our employees, and will take action to prevent this.


    1. We have established the following key principles in order to protect the rights of our workers.
      • ASHCOOP will, as a matter of principle, do its utmost to protect all employees from witnessing or being subjected to violence, abuse, harassment and bullying and will always be prepared to use the ASH Co-op policy or, if necessary, the full force of the law in order to do so, irrespective of cost. In the event that an ASH Co-op employee is assaulted and the police choose not to prosecute the offender, ASH Co-op will pursue a private prosecution wherever possible, but only if the employee concerned wishes the Company to do so.
      • ASH Co-op will keep all employee related documents secured and confidential.
      • ASHCOOP recognises that our staff are at all times acting under the directive of ASH Co-op policy, as decided by ASH Co-op General Meeting decisions. Therefore should ASH Co-op members, contractors or members of the public disagree with an action they are taking, this grievance should be pursued through ASH Co-op procedure not by direct criticism of the staff.
      • ASHCOOP recognises that our staff are neutral in all of their dealings with individual members and should not be expected to offer or respond to criticism of other ASH Co-op members or staff unless under the direction of the General Meeting or its appointed representative.
      • ASHCOOP recognises that office facilities are available for use by all members; however in some circumstances (e.g. if a meeting is in progress or the office is busy) they may be asked to return at a more convenient time.
      • In the event of this policy being violated ASH Co-op will take action to prevent this happening in the future and if necessary take action against the perpetrators; in the event of an ASH Co-op member failing to comply with this policy it will be considered a breach of tenancy.

    Monitoring and Recording of Employees

    1. The use of CCTV equipment will be considered in and around the office only if it is necessary to protect the safety of individuals or the security of ASH Co-op. In the case of these threats being present, an assessment should first be carried out and presented to ASH Co-op at a General Meeting before any such security measure could be implemented.
    2. Recording meetings with employees, or meetings where employees are present:
      • The use of audio and video recording equipment to record meetings attended by employees of ASH Co-op for the purpose of keeping information is not recommended and the written method of minute taking should always be considered as first option.
      • If a member or agent acting on behalf ASH Co-op wishes to use audio/video recording equipment in the presence of an employee they must first give clear reasons why it is necessary to use such methods.
      • The use of such equipment is only permissible with prior written agreement from all parties including employees of ASH Co-op.
      • Employees of ASH Co-op have the right to refuse to give consent to be recorded using audio and video recording equipment. They do not have to give a reason for their refusal nor will it have any negative impact on their work record or position as an employee of ASH Co-op.
    3. Monitoring and recording employees without their knowledge and consent:
      • Under no circumstances should a member or agent acting on behalf of ASH Co-op, use audio or video recording equipment, secretly or otherwise to record/monitor employees of ASH Co-op without their prior knowledge and written consent. This could be deemed by ASH Co-op, it's employees and the relevant authorities, as an invasion of privacy. It could also amount to a civil or criminal offence under UK privacy laws.

    Conduct towards staff and in Office

      • ASHCOOP asks all people, whether staff; members or members of the public to behave politely and reasonably to each other at all times when engaged on ASHCOOP business or using its premises.
      • ASHCOOP recognises that office facilities are available for use by all members; however in some circumstances (e.g. if a meeting is in progress or the office is busy) they may be asked to return at a more convenient time.
      • If the behaviour of an individual or group in the ASHCOOP office and hut is contrary to the principles of this policy they may be asked to leave the premises, All people are asked to comply with such a request.
      • Complaints about staff behaviour and actions should be made to the Employment Group Co-ordinators, who will seek a resolution or take further action as deemed necessary according to part 18 of this policy
      • Disputes between members should not be taken up during office hours in the presence of our employees. If necessary our employees may ask that Co-op members have the discussion elsewhere or that they vacate the office in order to preserve a healthy working environment. In this instance members are asked to respect the request and leave the office peacefully.

    Administration Of This Policy

    1. Administration of this policy will be the responsibility of the General Meeting through the Employment Group who will report back to the GM on its' effectiveness and any changes deemed necessary.
    2. Disputes between staff and members, staff and public or staff and staff will be adjudicated initially by the ASH Co-op Employment Co-ordinators, who will
      • In the first instance seek to resolve the issue informally and keep confidential records of the outcome.
      • If an informal resolution is not possible further action will be taken with reference to; our written contracts and agreements with staff; ASH Co-op dispute and welfare policies; instructions from the ASH Co-op GM; our legal responsibilities as employers and the requirements of outside bodies such as the police, adjudication authorities and Trade Unions.
      • If appropriate the Employment Co-ordinators may refer the issue to the ASHCOOP Welfare Group.
    3. The Employment Group will establish appropriate procedures with the staff to ensure that this policy is adhered to. These will include the following:
      • Staff are required to make a record of any incident seeming to contravene this policy, this record will be held confidentially by the Employment Group until/unless any further action requires it to be made known to other bodies or individuals;
      • Staff should immediately report back to the Employment Group on any incident seeming to contravene this policy.
      • The Employment Co-ordinators will give other clear guidelines and instructions to staff as to their responsibilities day to day administration of this policy as deemed necessary.
      • The Employment Group will ensure that the principles stated at the beginning of this policy are clearly displayed in the office and any other relevant work space.