• Criteria for membership
  • Who is excluded from membership?
  • What is housing need?
  • What are the responsibilities of membership?
  • Procedure for becoming a member
  • When does membership end?
  • Criteria for membership

    1. Argyle Street Housing Co-op is a fully mutual housing co-operative; only members can become tenants and we can only give tenancies to members. Members must be:
      • in housing need
      • willing to accept the responsibilities of membership
      • be aged 18 or over

    Who is excluded from membership?

    1. You cannot become a member if:
      • You are the owner or tenant of any habitable property in which you could reasonably be expected to live
      • You are a former member of the Co-op with outstanding debts to the Co-op
      • You are less than 18 years old

    What is housing need?

    The following factors will be considered:

    Current circumstances

    • homelessness;
    • insecurity of present home
    • threatened homelessness - including being under Notice To Quit / Possession Order;
    • overcrowding at present accommodation;
    • poor state of repair or lack of amenities at present accommodation;
    • housing need arising from relationship difficulties
    • current home not affordable to applicant.
    • length of time the applicant has lived in their current circumstances

    Other options open to the applicant

    • Can applicant afford housing not accessible to those on lower incomes?
    • Could applicant stay in current housing?

    What are the responsibilities of membership?

    1. The Co-op depends on the voluntary effort of its members and each member has a responsibility to contribute to the running of the Co-op. Each member must:
      • Take an active interest in the business of the Co-op
      • Attend at least three General Meetings each year
      • Abide by, and co-operate with, the Co-op’s Rules and policies; each member must therefore demonstrate a commitment to equal opportunities/li>A

    Procedure for becoming a member

      • All applications for housing are also applications for membership.
      • When an applicant has signed a tenancy agreement and membership agreement and paid £1 for a share certificate they will become a member.
      • Their name, address and share number will be entered into the Register of Members

    When does membership end?

      • When a member dies
      • If a member resigns, either by writing to the Secretary or in person at a general meeting
      • At the end of a tenancy if a member does not take up another tenancy
      • If a member is expelled from membership by a General Meeting using the procedure given in the Co-op’s Rules