1. The Hut is a shared community resource, used for meetings, socialising, band and music practice, games, cleaning, arts and crafts, meetings by external groups, reading, a quiet space, a noisy space, etc. etc.
  2. 90 or so of us obviously can’t use this space all at the same time, so we operate a booking system for planned events, and an ad-hoc agreement to share the space as much as is reasonable and respectful so all can enjoy it.
  3. If you have a planned event, please check the diary in the Hut and if there is nothing else in the diary, feel free to identify yourself as wishing to use the space for that time and date. We ask that a co-op member identifies themselves as a point of contact for outside groups using the space for ease of communication for any clashes. The named member for external groups is also responsible for checking that the Hut and Office are closed up properly afterwards.
  4. If you are using the hut and somebody else would also like to use the space, then we aim to first try and seek a way where you can use the space together if possible, or arrange a time to come back and use the space later so that everybody can do what they would like equitably.
  5. Use of the Hut falls under the same noise clauses in our tenancies as the rest of the co-op, so no noise audible from outside the space between 11pm- 7:30am in the week and between 11:30pm-8am at weekends.
  6. The Hut and Office are also non-smoking spaces at all times.
  7. The following uses of the space will be considered to have priority, and wherever possible will be arranged without a clash of use, but on occasion members may be asked to rearrange or come back whilst these things take place:
    • GMs and EGMs of the co-op
    • Open evenings and shortlist interviews
    • Office and Hut cleaning
    • Use of the Office and/or Hut for confidential or sensitive co-op business (e.g Welfare)