• Aims
  • Member Privacy
  • Rights and responsibilities of our staff
  • Responsibilities of ASH Co-op committee
  • Contractors and visitors
  • Alcohol & Tobacco
  • Bringing drugs to the Co-op
  • Production of drugs in the Co-op
  • Supply of drugs in the Co-op
  • Use of drugs in the Co-op
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Drug incidents & record keeping
  • Aims

    1. The aim of this organisation is to provide housing for people in housing need. ASH Co-op neither condones nor approves of the possession, use or supply of illicit drugs. While wishing to provide an accessible and inclusive service to people who may use drugs, the organisation also recognises that it has other duties and obligations, including:
      • An obligation to work within the law
      • A duty to provide a safe arena for all workers and volunteers,
      • A duty to work with, and be sensitive to, the local community.
    2. The drugs policy covers many drugs, including:
      • Illegal drugs,
      • tobacco
      • alcohol
    3. If you have any involvement with any of these drugs, the drugs policy affects you.

    Member Privacy

    1. In providing housing, ASH Co-op offers a service that aims to protect our members’ right to privacy. In most circumstances we will not discuss anything about you outside this organisation without your consent. However, if your actions or behaviour represents a serious risk to the safety or well being of other members, staff, the community or the organisation we may have to disclose information without getting consent.

    Rights and responsibilities of our staff

    1. Staff are expected to work to the drugs policy. Where staff become aware of activities that are in breach of this policy, they should report it to a committee member. The committee will then take appropriate action. Circumstances may arise where there is an urgent need to contact the police first, and the committee. In such circumstances the committee will support the actions of our staff.
    2. Where members of staff are unhappy with an aspect of the policy, or are unclear how to deal with a situation, they should always discuss it with a committee member.

    Responsibilities of ASH Co-op committee

    1. The committee will take action under the drugs policy when they have concerns about drug-related activity both on and near the premises. Drug-related activity in the gardens and the neighbourhood around the co-op threatens the future of the organisation, and we will always take action when we become aware of such activity. Such action may include contacting the police, and/or actions to seek eviction.

    Contractors and visitors

    1. Contractors and visitors to the co-op should be aware that ASH Co-op neither condones nor approves of the possession, use or supply of illicit drugs. Should they encounter such activity, we urge them to contact a member of staff or committee, who will then take action as outlined in this policy.

    Alcohol & Tobacco

    1. Alcohol may not be consumed in the office at any time, or the hut during meetings. When alcohol is consumed in the public areas, members must respect the rights of their neighbours, and must also take responsibility for their guests. Members are reminded that this is an obligation the have already accepted when they signed their tenancy agreements.
    2. There is no smoking in the office or the hut at any time.

    Bringing drugs to the Co-op

    1. We do not condone people bringing illicit drugs into the Co-op. Where the committee know or suspect that this is happening, we will discuss the matter with you and may take further action, especially if you are putting staff or members at risk or distress.

    Production of drugs in the Co-op

    1. We cannot tolerate the production (growing or making) of any controlled drugs on site and if we know or suspect this is happening we will always take action to make sure it stops. This could include police involvement or eviction.

    Supply of drugs in the Co-op

    1. We will not tolerate the supply of Controlled Drugs on the premises.
    2. Supply of drugs on site creates a serious risk for members and staff and is something that we must take action to stop. We will always act where we know or suspect that supply is taking place.

    Use of drugs in the Co-op

    1. ASH Co-op will not tolerate the use of any drugs on or near the premises that puts staff, committee members, contractors or visitors at risk of harm or prosecution.

    Drug paraphernalia

    1. We do not condone members bringing drug paraphernalia on site and, where we think this is associated with illicit drugs we will take appropriate action.

    Drug incidents & record keeping

    1. If you or a friend become unwell after using any drugs, or you are worried that you or someone else may be overdosing you should always seek help as fast as possible.
    2. The office may keep records of drug-related incidents. Members are entitled to see any written information about them kept on file; however some information may need to be withheld to protect the identity of other residents. If you disagree with something that has been written about you, you may discuss this with staff/committee/welfare to address this situation.